Sunday, 29 July 2012

Re: Fund payments by Dr. Dr. Gilbert Frimpong

Dear Mr. Fu Kwok Wing,

cc:Dr. Gilbert Frimpong {CEO/Managing Director)

My name is Justice Georgina Wood /+233 20 362 596/ email-, I am writing to inform you that now your consignment boxes with an estimated amount of $150million US Dollars have been deposited with the Agricultural Development Bank since we have tried to communicate with you several times and there had been no response from your end. The government of Ghana have pass instructions to the diplomatic agency to clear all abandon consignment at the kotoka cargo warehouse and transfer all deposit fund to the Agricultural Development Bank.

However, you are advise to contact the bank with the contact information below for further procession and claim of your fund immediately. See the contact information below:

Attention to; Dr. Gilbert Frimpong {CEO/Managing Director)
Bank name: Agricultural Development Bank, Accra-Ghana
Email address;  
Telephone; +233
Skype: dr..khalif

If you have any question about this email message, please feel free to ask and we shall get back to you accordingly.

Yours truly,
Justice Georgina Wood
Chief Justice of the Federation
+233 20 362 596


This is an internet scam! DON'T send these scammers money for any reason.

Subject:     Re: From The Desk of the Chief Justice
Date:     06/08/2010 11:11:29 PM

From The Desk of the Chief Justice
Republic of Ghana
Justice Georgina Theodora Wood
1 Supreme Court Avenue
Public Email:
Office Email:


   I am contacting you directly from the Supreme Court Republic of Ghana. I am Justice Georgina Theodora Wood the Chief Justice of the Republic of Ghana, on Behalf of the People and the Government of Ghana we are here to Notified you about the transaction you are doing in Ghana with scammers and fraudsters. This email is Straightly Confidential and should not be forwarded to any unauthorized person if you are not sure of the Barrister or who ever you are handling transaction with. Due to the level of these scam reports here in Ghana we urge you to forward all your transactions and those whom claim to be your partner  for verification and clearance directly to the office of Deputy Chief Justice of the Republic of Ghana the person of Justice William A. Atuguba whom incharge of the monitoring and prosecution council. He is going to verify all your transactions and make sure we fight against this bad reports.

Contact Person: Justice William A. Atuguba
Deputy Chief Justice, Republic of Ghana
Contact Email:

   I will inform you that some scammers who where arrested. From the confession gotten from them it was stated that some consignment boxes Containing Twenty Five Million United States Dollars ( $25 Million USD). This Consignment Presently has with the government security warehouse and the Fraudsters has been sent to Jail for Offenses of Money Laundry and Fraud. We recovered your contact email from them.

  If you Co-Operate with us, we will use our Office Position to give you all Legal assistance in Ghana and i will look into your case and Fight for all the release of your funds from Ghana.

   We urge you to STOP all Transaction right now with anyone or Even if you have someone you are working with as who call themselves Generals, Barristers, Bankers, Customs Service, Immigration officers and please send them to Justice William A. Atuguba whom is in charge of monitoring and prosecution council for proper verification because these person may be lying to you or may even be a Scammers and even some of these scammers have the guts to use my identity for these activities, all these are SCAM!!. This email has being sent to you before now and we didn't hear from you, we do really want to stop all these Fraudsters and we urge you to reply.

Thanks for Your Co-Operation

Justice Georgina Theodora Wood

Chief Justice
Republic of Ghana.
Public Email:
Office Email:



Last updated Aug 1, 2006The Ekema Okafor Letters  (Commenced May 8, 2006)  Nigeria  Ekema Okafor wants to bring a modern religion to West Africa. Our Lady of Perpetual Flatulence Holy Church is certainly a 21st century religion and Potty LaTrine , along with Reverend Stu Pidass will try to set him up with a new faith.

After a few weeks of communication, this scammer seems to have come to the realization that he was being baited.

Last updated June 16, 2006
The Edward Cyril Letters  (Commenced Apr. 15, 2006)  Nigeria  Mr. Edward Cyril is a university student. His uncles have administered a poison to a woman who has now been dignosed with cancer as a result. Now, Mr. Edward Cyril needs at least $500 to pay for an operation to fix her up. Potty LaTrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Flatulence might be able to set this young man up with something.

Unfortunately, Eddie never replied to Potty.

Last updated Apr 16, 2006
The Pastor Mitch Paul Letters  (Commenced Mar. 28, 2006)  United Kingdom Nigeria  Pastor Mitch Paul of the Christ Evangelical Ministry in London says he needs a bunch of money for the medical treatment of a fellow pastor who was burned in a church fire which was set by Islamic fundamentalists. I'll have Reverend Stu Pidass come to this fellow clergyman's aid.

It seems that the scammer just simply gave up on Reverend Stu.

Last updated Apr. 9, 2006
The Linda Cojo Letters  (Commenced Mar. 24, 2006)  Senegal  Linda Cojo has millions of dollars stashed away somewhere and no way to access her fortune without the assistance of a foreigner. Dick Heyd will try to come to the assistance of this young lady.

The scammer didn't bother to reply at all.

Last updated Mar. 25, 2006
The Date Online Letters  (Commenced Mar. 12, 2006)  United Kingdom  A web-based dating firm called "Date Online" invites me to meet Lisa, a resident of London. Herbie Buttplugg hopes he has the right stuff.

As lucky as Herbie is to be the chosen one of thousands of suitors to meet Lisa, and as cute as she is, I just couldn't see this game going anywhere and I pulled the plug (no pun intended).

Last updated Mar. 17, 2006
The Smith Shaw Letters  (Commenced Mar. 11, 2006)  United Arab Emirates  Smith Shaw of Dubai claims he has HIV/AIDS which has "defiled all forms of medical treatment". Unfortunately, Reverend Stu Pidass of Our Lady of Perpetual Flatulence Holy Church can't help those who are not of the faith.

Another scammer who can't come up with a way to overcome minor hurdles.

Last updated Mar. 12, 2006
The Linda Ola Uwanaego Letters  (Commenced Mar. 11, 2006)  Ghana  Linda Ola Uwanaego, a 20 year old babe from Ghana along with her 7 year old brother has just informed me she has a ton of gold and cash that she wants to invest in "your country" using me as her foreign partner. Doug McKenzie is interested.

The scammer never responded to my reply.

Last updated Mar. 12, 2006
The Ojirika Emmanuel Letters  (Commenced Mar. 9, 2006)  Nigeria  Ojirika Emmanuel claims to be a university student in Nigeria. He needs some funds for his fees and books. However, Potty LaTrine and Reverend Stu Pidass of Our Lady of Perpetual Flatulence Holy Church will answer his e-mail.

Unfortunately, this scammer couldn't come up with a creative way tricking Reverend Pidass into donating to his cause.

Last updated Mar. 14, 2006
The Our Kingdom Ministry Letters  (Commenced Feb. 28, 2006)  Nigeria  Pastor Barry of Our Kingdom Ministry in Nigeria wants some financial assistance to help the local orphans. Potty LaTrine and Reverend Stu Pidass of Our Lady of Perpetual Flatulence Holy Church respond to his request.

Too bad that this scammer lacked the determination to overcome a small hurdle.

Last updated Mar. 8, 2006
The Martins Koma Letters  (Commenced Jan. 15, 2006)  Sierra Leone Nigeria  Widow Rose Marry Bamba of Sierra Leone wants some assistance in moving her late husband's fortune out of Cote d'Ivoire. However, Dr. Denton Fender confuses the widow with Pastor Martins Koma of Nigeria and Rose Marry instantly morphs into Martins Koma.

This was an experiment to see if I could take total control of the scam. It seemed to work great for a short while. Unfortunately, the scammer appeared to get too frustrated by my constant surprise changes to his scam to continue. I wonder why.

Last updated Feb. 2, 2006
The Fred Abe Letters  (Commenced Dec. 27, 2005)  Nigeria  Fred Abe of Nigeria e-mails me claiming to need lung cancer surgery. He needs $35,000 to pay for the surgery as well as his travel expenses to and from the US. Patti Kake and Father Hershey Barr of Our Lady of Perpetual Piercings Holy Church try to get him the assistance he needs.

Poor Freddie just couldn't bring himself to meet the requirements of joining the church.

Last updated Feb. 24, 2006
The Mrs. Kally Moore Letters  (Commenced Dec. 21, 2005)  An orphan calling herself Mrs. Kally Moore e-mails me wanting me to adopt her. Potty Latrine offers her assistance but Mrs. Moore can't seem to compose an e-mail consisting of more than a few words and then just seems to drop off the planet.

Last updated Dec. 22, 2005
The Lyubov Letters I  (Commenced Dec. 2, 2005)  Russia  Lyubov, who hails from Russia, is lookin' for love. Let's see how she'll take to the handsome Herbie Buttplugg.

This game started to show some promise but then Lyubov simply quit e-mailing.

Last updated Dec. 18, 2005
The Lyubov Letters II  (Commenced Dec. 2, 2005)  Russia  Lyubov, who hails from Russia, is lookin' for love but how will she take to the lovely Patti Kake? I'll attempt to find out.

Lyubov stopped communicating after Patti sent some photos revealing her gender.

Last updated Dec. 22, 2005
The Maurizio Paoli Letters  (Commenced Nov. 25, 2005)  Italy  This is not your typical Nigerian 419 scam letter. Maurizio Paoli claims to be a young stud from Italy. He is very straightforward about what he's after...a "sugarmamma" who lives in Florida. He would rather that this sugarmamma be much older than himself and he doesn't give a damn about her looks. Good thing because Vulva Highpisser is well past her "use-by" date and it shows.

Unfortunately I never received a reply from this gold-digger.

Last updated Nov. 27, 2005
The Osas Animal Farm Letters  (Commenced Aug. 23, 2005)  Nigeria  A representative from the Osas Animal Farm in Nigeria contacts me in an e-mail addressed to Denise Norton with a list of animals he has for sale. Since Denise Norton accidentally fell into something she shouldn't have, her brother, Denephew Norton will assume the role of purchasing agent for Olop Farms of Arkansas

The scammer in this game just simply stopped playing. Maybe he went back and re-read some of my ridiculous e-mails.

Last updated Sept. 6, 2005
The Kimaeva Lioudmila Letters  (Commenced Aug. 9, 2005)  Russia  Kimaeva Lioudmila, a personal secretary to Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the richest man in Russia wants me to help her embezzle "in an excess of US$11.2M" from her boss who will presumably be to busy with his new legal troubles to notice. Unfortunately for Miss Kima, the ever-meddling Felix Kumo has a better idea. Teddy Behr tries to assist Miss Kima but it seems that she has abandoned him.

Last updated Aug. 30, 2005
The Chris Anderson Letters  (Commenced June 14, 2005)  Ivory Coast Nigeria  No promise of big money here, at least not yet. Chris Anderson is simply a horny Nigerian man searching for a woman. Yeah, right. But Shanda Leer is certain that she is just the woman for Mr. Anderson. Unfortunately, Shanda is having a difficult time getting Mr. Anderson to tell her what kind of a relationship he wants to have.

This game really didn't go anywhere at all.

Last updated Nov. 3, 2005
The Allen Bruce Letters  (Commenced May. 8, 2005)  Great Britain Canada  Seems that some bloke died in 1998 and his funds of $7,000,000 have been found "floating" in a bank account in London. Allen Bruce, an auditor for the London bank that is holding this account, wants my assistance in moving this fund of $7,000,000 out of the UK. Otto Rex was just waiting for a chance like this.

I didn't find these scammers very entertaining at all so I decided to let them drop. They did spend a bit on telephone calls though.

Last updated June 4, 2005
The Princess Tema Agama Letters  (Commenced May 3, 2005)  Benin  Princess Tema Agama, 24 years old, of Cotonou, Benin is wealthy and wishes to have a long term relationship with me. This package comes complete with more than six million dollars and the usual list of dead relatives. Shanda Leer, is very interested in the princess and her fortune.

I think that the scammer realized right away that he was probably being baited.

Last updated May. 6, 2005
The Jeff Ofori Letters  (Commenced Apr. 23, 2005)  Ghana  Diamond seller Jeff Ofori of Ghana can supply me with up to 500 carats per month of rough diamonds at amazingly low prices. Seymore Butts, owner of Diamonds Seattle is very interested in buying at Mr. Ofori's prices.

The scammer lost his e-mail address and I didn't have enough interest in him to return his phone call.

Last updated May. 3, 2005
The Richard Famler Letters  (Commenced Apr. 18, 2005)  Netherlands  Attorney Richard Famler, a man with many aliases and apparently, a partner in a different law firm every day, sends me notice that my unidentified uncle has passed away leaving $3.2M in a bank account somewhere. Maybe Crystal Shanda Leer can figure this one out.

The scammer gives up after Crystal asks him some 'tough' questions. Questions like, "Which uncle died?".

Last updated May 3, 2005
The Lizzy Richard Letters  (Commenced Apr. 16, 2005)  United States Great Britain  As a wealthy business woman residing in the U.S., Lizzy Richard feels compelled to donate $3600 to 'my church'. She promises to send me a check for $8600 and all I have to do is deduct my portion and send back the remaining $5000. Sounds like a heck of a deal to Father Hershey Barr.

I lost interest in this game after twenty-three days without contact with Mrs. Richard.

Last updated June. 30, 2005
The Henry Donaldson Letters  (Commenced Mar. 28, 2005)  Great Britain  Henry Donaldson in London sends me what is probably the longest 419 e-mail I've ever received. Not sure what he wants yet however. Reverend Stu Pidass will have a go at this.

This game went nowhere.

Last updated Mar. 28, 2005
The Rose Chukwu Letters  (Commenced Mar. 19, 2005)  Rose Chukwu of the Ministry of Finance has just informed me that two men have told her that I was terminally ill and that they were there to claim my money. I'll have Peter Draggin take this one.

Rose never replies to Peter.

Last updated Mar. 19, 2005
The Deacon Jones Kelly Letters  (Commenced Mar. 17, 2005)  Deacon Jones Kelly of the Dayspring Ministry wants do divest himself of his wealth by donating it to other churches. Reverend Stu Pidass of Our Lady of Perpetual Flatulence Holy Church is in need of the deacon's money to install a new ventilation system in his humble chapel.

Unfortunately, the deacon doesn't seem to know how to compose an e-mail and so he simply sends the same one over and over again. Even the church's secretary/treasurer, Miss Potty LaTrine can't get anything else out of him.

Last updated Mar. 23, 2005
The Reverend Johnson Paul Letters  (Commenced Mar. 10, 2005)  Ivory Coast  The Reverend Johnson Paul of the Grace Miracle Church in Liberia has a problem. Seems that he is trying to find someone who will assist him in retrieving certain documents from a wealthy young orphan in a refugee camp in Abidjan. The good Reverend Stu Pidass of Our Lady of Perpetual Flatulence Holy Church is more than willing to assist.

This game went absolutely nowhere.

Last updated Mar. 16, 2005
The Afos Daniel Letters  (Commenced Oct. 29, 2004)  Nigeria  The scammer quotes half the bible in every e-mail. Abbott Costello grows weary of him quickly because of this. Still got his photo though.

Last updated Nov. 14, 2004